"The sun never sets on the ministry of Skiff Lake."                                          -- Dr. Ron Blue

Global missions at Skiff Lake Bible Church

 We believe that one of the church's primary purposes is to make Christ known throughout the world. Our missions program is the vehicle through which Skiff Lake aims to bring the Gospel message to all corners of the globe.

One of the highlights of each year is our Missions Conference. We highlight the work of some of our missionaries and feature the teaching of well-known mission organization leaders. What a sense of excitement this brings to our local Body.   Over the last 3 decades, SLBC partners have planted several churches among remote people groups and translated the Scriptures into their heart language. To God be the glory!

SLBC currently supports missionaries in many countries around the world and as a result, has close ties with the following organizations:

  1. CAM International 
  2. Camp Selah 
  3. Child Evangelism Fellowship 
  4. Jackson Christian School 
  5. Rreach, International 
  6. Ethnos 360 (formerly New Tribes Mission)
  7. Trans World Radio